Compote of mandarins

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A great way to use sour tangerines or those that have become a bit spoiled. And minimal processing will preserve the maximum vitamins!

Ingredients for Compote of mandarins

Step by step instruction of cooking Compote of mandarins

Шаг 1

tangerines wash and clean, disassemble into halves or slices

Шаг 2

in a saucepan pour water, add sugar (it number regulate themselves, it affects the sweetness of fruit, it is better if then what add more, but I this number enough)

Шаг 3

cook over medium heat, bring to a boil and immediately remove, allow to stand for 15-20 min

Шаг 4

caught chunks of fruit or passed through a sieve, whatever you like and squeeze out cloves juice
-can squeeze through cheesecloth
-through a sieve to grind
But to me, these two ways do not particularly like, I throw in the juicer, pour the juice in the compote.

Шаг 5

Try the taste, if you want you can add ginger, cinnamon or whatever you like (my friend vanilla seeds adds a bit of flavor, and the mint I added to the still warm fruit compote), let cool and enjoy!)