Is eaten this way

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Don't know what to call it. It's the seasoning, and a separate dish. Everyone will be able to cook and be creative. No particular proportions, you can cook to your liking. Here is the approximate proportion of.

Ingredients for Is eaten this way

Step by step instruction of cooking Is eaten this way

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Homos, sunflower seeds, dry them in the oven until pleasant smell.
Homos ready when it can be easy to chew and it will be pleasant to the taste.

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Grind everything in a coffee grinder into flour,
be sure to sift, if necessary, the rest grind again and sift again.

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Grind citric acid, salt and other major seasoning.

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We mix it all together.
The sesame seeds lightly fry and add to the overall weight.
If you want you can add coconut flakes.
Use for making breadsticks and savory pastries, making sandwiches with pita bread or lavash, baked tortillas.
In the preparation of sandwiches and cakes, use a small amount of olive oil. Bon appetit!

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