Canned meat canned in a pressure cooker

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Found on this site briefly to this recipe Gostovskaya stew cooked in an autoclave. But the autoclave is a thing rarely found in the kitchens of ordinary people, but his younger sister is a pressure cooker even easier! And now I've mastered thanks to the old forums, former Soviet, and now residents of Deutschland and forum "yaplakal. ru" production of ordinary Soviet stew. Such a typical, familiar since the development of the Soviet Arctic, loyal companion in all life situations from the camping trip, to the cottage to prepare dinner. In the photo from left cityfone little chunky pork stew, beef lean to the right.

Ingredients for Canned meat canned in a pressure cooker

Step by step instruction of cooking Canned meat canned in a pressure cooker

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Cut meat (beef or pork) slices of a matchbox. Do banks, I have banks at 520 grams with screw-on lids. Pressure cooker 5 litres "Gipfel". Today I have 1 kg of beef, so 2 cans, but if necessary to fit pan and 3. Ideally, the beef of the 2nd grade veins, the film. The one that makes you nervous when you scroll in a meat grinder. What vein will give jelly and to the surprise entirely disappears from the meat. I have it from a piece of a shovel - for stuffing or stew and trimmings in a stew.

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Mounted on the bottom of the cooker the grill to create a gap between the bottom of the jar and the surface of the heating cooker. Twist-tight banks. Note once again that the Bank should not be "Packed to the eyeballs". Set the pressure cooker on the grill, pour water on the shoulders of the banks (I do the water level is the same as the level of meat or a little more). Close the pressure cooker and begin heating. The pressure gauge on the high "2".

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After the release of belly button pressure indicator outside that tells about the normal process of cooking under pressure, set a timer. Cook beef 90-95 minutes, pork 80-85 minutes. I usually start in the evening, the timer on the stove put up and monitor the pressure, reducing the amount of heat. The process is quite economical because after 20 minutes of cooking I go to the power mode 15-20%, after 30 minutes 10%. After you disable the timer, leave it alone and go to sleep.

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I cook purely for food as a reserve if there is insufficient time in the preparation of dinner/lunch. During my experience (banks really are not stored more than a month) no tin was discovered. In a month the content is even better than immediately after preparation. Jelly, grease, the consistency of the meat is great, no comparison with what is available in the market. Maybe if you increase the amount of salt, the shelf life can be increased to several years, but the need for this until you see it. However, who knows? The Soviet human genetics lies in the need to have in the cellar at the cottage stew, flour, matches, salt and old-fashioned revolver in caligola :)