Pork with zucchini in the oven

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On the nose the holidays, and you on a diet? And I want a delicious hot and French meat is high in calories! I want to offer a recipe for holiday hot meals, but practically diet! I hope someone who is on a diet, it will come in handy!

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Ingredients for Pork with zucchini in the oven

Step by step instruction of cooking Pork with zucchini in the oven

Шаг 1

Finely slice the leeks

Шаг 2

Zucchini grate on a coarse grater

Шаг 3

Mix zucchini with leeks, season with salt, pepper, Italian herbs, add the egg and mix

Шаг 4

Chunks of pork whisk and place in a baking dish.

For more dietary option, you can use veal or chicken

Шаг 5

Season each piece with teriyaki sauce

Шаг 6

On each piece of meat put "coat" from vegetables and eggs, gently push the cherry tomatoes.
Part of the juice will drain in the form - it does not matter when baking it evaporated.

Place the meat in a heated oven

Шаг 7

Bake at 170-180 degrees for about 25-30 minutes.

The meat turns out very tender, tasty and dietary, and the magnificent "coat" from vegetables is a nice side dish