Mayonnaise on the quail eggs

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Conceded that is called, "through himself" worked recipe is a healthy and safe mayonnaise. Safe, as in quail eggs Salmonella hardly occurs, and useful because the unknown of what is made up, it's mustard!

Ingredients for Mayonnaise on the quail eggs

Step by step instruction of cooking Mayonnaise on the quail eggs

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Check the quail eggs. Put in the water if something came up, delayed, for use without heat treatment it will not work.

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We open eggs with a knife (so comfortable). It is better to lay pervymi, because maybe you will get the shell easier to remove.

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Then the salt, sugar, mustard. There are two possible scenarios continue. First: immediately pour all of the oil, immersion blender put the egg yolks and begin whisking. When out of the knifes will come out white emulsion start very slowly lift the blender, if the hand does not tremble, get mayonnaise! If it is watery then add the butter and whisk. Regularity-the more oil, the thicker the mayonnaise!
The second scenario, more reliable: to the mixture of eggs, dry ingredients and mustard add 3-4 tablespoons of butter and whisk until a uniform, white emulsion. Further, the parties, and 4-5 spoons of butter add and whisk until the desired thickness.

Шаг 4

Add vinegar or lemon juice. All the mayonnaise is ready!

Шаг 5

If it was a rush job and instead of mayonnaise turned liquid mixture of eggs and butter used, the process of reanimation of our mayonnaise (although this mixture is also delicious, and the salad will go, but we need mayonnaise!) This often happens in the first scenario, and for the second a couple of times.
Driven into another container a couple of eggs, pour 50 gram failed mixtures and whisk until thick. We continue the process of the second scenario, only instead of oil our blend.
If suddenly there are no more eggs, replace them with 50ml of milk! Work! And also very tasty! Milk mayonnaise on the quail eggs.
You can also replace eggs in milk and in the beginning, will just milk mayonnaise. Very gentle.