Vegetable salad dressing

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Filling, which is ideal for vegetable salads, and salads with fish. And if the vinegar is replaced with lemon juice, this dressing will please the adherents of a healthy diet. The layout was given for 1 kg, to make it easier to calculate the right amount.

Ingredients for Vegetable salad dressing

Step by step instruction of cooking Vegetable salad dressing

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I usually use grain mustard and white wine vinegar, it has the strength of 6% and the sauce is a little sweeter. But with regular mustard and regular vinegar dressing turns out not worse. Of the spices I usually use a pinch of ground paprika and a pinch of freshly ground mixture of 5 peppers.

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Put the ingredients into a glass for whisking and whisk at high speed.

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Filling becomes a homogenous mixture is milky white. The mixture is then filtered through a strainer.

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I always have in stock some quantity of the filling, along with the balsamic vinegar and flavored olive oil.