Chicken flambe

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Chicken flambe or plombirovaniya chicken - very tasty and beautiful dish. I want to offer you cooking chicken in three stages - they are all very simple, but the result is stunning. In the same way as a bright presentation that will not leave your guests indifferent. The new year is a colourful event, painted in the colours of the lights and fireworks, burning candles and sparklers, is a warm holiday with bright accents. And it fits perfectly chicken flambe. So - we will first soak the chicken in brine, then another promariner and only then put the Flambeau! Begin?

Ingredients for Chicken flambe

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken flambe

Шаг 1

Taken for the preparation of soy sauce TM "Kikkoman"

Шаг 2

In a pan pour 3 liters of water, add salt, sugar, all the spices from the column "brine", pour 150ml of soy sauce "Kikkoman"

Шаг 3

Before taking to the balcony I added sliced garlic cloves

Шаг 4

Dip the chicken in the mortar, press with a plate and a small load and leaving for the night in a cold place. Then take out of brine and dry with paper towel

Шаг 5

For the marinade take the coarse salt. Table salt fine grind will cover too much surface of the chicken, dissolve too quickly, and baked chicken will be too salty. So, make the marinade - combine the spices from the section "the Marinade" with mustard, honey and cognac

Шаг 6

Mix well and add the soy sauce "Kikkoman"

Шаг 7

Well smear the chicken and leave for another hour. Pickling after soaking chicken in a salt solution will give the skin of poultry an incredible flavor, and meat flavor

Шаг 8

Cover the pan with foil, put it a bottle, a jar, stand under the bird - you have her put on the chicken and bake it in the oven for 45-60 minutes at a temperature of 180град. The wings and tie legs with cooking string.
By the way, I always take a jar (it pour 1/3 of the water, the chicken will be even softer and softer.)

Шаг 9

Decorate the chicken according to your taste and desire

Шаг 10

Pour a glass of cognac, poured the chicken and ignite

Шаг 11

Happy New Year!
Plombirovaniya the chicken is bright, festive and beautiful!
Next, just in case you need to have a container of water.
Saute chicken (if not it will go out itself after a couple of minutes), covering them with a pan