Freshly-salted cucumbers

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My husband just loves pickles and he did not eat, those who twirled in jars for the winter, I make him fall in a normal pot!

Ingredients for Freshly-salted cucumbers

Step by step instruction of cooking Freshly-salted cucumbers

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The cucumbers soak for 3 hours, then well washed, cut off the butt .
Greens wash, garlic peel, pepper cut into slices.
Put on the bottom part of the trees, a couple of cloves of garlic chopped, allspice and black pepper (a few grains) Bay leaf (2 PCs), hot pepper.

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Then put part of the cucumber on top of them again Affairs a bed of greens, garlic, pepper, Bay leaf.

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Put the remaining cucumbers and again a bed of greens, garlic, peppers, Bay leaf.
Put water on the fire when the water boils, dissolve in it 12 tbsp. of salt and pour over cucumbers, cover and leave overnight in the kitchen this morning to take to the balcony!

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Did these late in the evening, and the day they were ready!