Cheese quiche with cheese and tomatoes

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This unusual cheese-cheese pie will be enjoyed by all – from small to large. Combining the classics of French cuisine (quiche homeland is France) and traditions of the Belarusian land, cottage cheese pie with cheese and tomatoes will be a real highlight of any, of both everyday and festive table. The secret of our recipe is simple – only natural products of the Belarusian lands.

Ingredients for Cheese quiche with cheese and tomatoes

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese quiche with cheese and tomatoes

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Begin your culinary creativity, as always, with attitude. Kish is especially tasty and summery "warm", if the hostess a piece of his soul through the hands in the dough invested.

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And the dough turned out crumbly and butter, first heat butter on a slow fire and slightly cool it. Then sieve the flour, add it to the melted butter, sour cream and baking powder. Knead a soft dough.

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Round shape baking vistream with parchment paper (or use one-off form). Spread it our elastic dough, fingers forming the sides of a couple of centimeters tall.

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For the filling, mix natural cottage cheese "Savushkin Khutorok" with grated on a fine grater cheese "Brest-Litovsk Classic". These products have a particular taste and excellent quality.
Next, divide the egg whites and yolks. Protein whisk until white foam and gently mix with curd and cheese mass. Add to the stuffing to taste ground pepper and salt.

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Now we spread our filling on the dough. Slice tomato with a sharp knife into pretty thin circles and lay them on top of the pie.

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Then grease the quiche lightly with the beaten egg yolk. Put the form with the pie in a preheated 180 °C oven and bake until tender 30-35 minutes.

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Feature cheese-cheese quiche that can be served as a hot dish, and cold snacks. Bon appetit!