The jam-the jelly of red currants

238 - 60 минут -

A great vitamin Supplement to the winter diet, without heat treatment and gelatin - "jam" not boiled, and fresh berries and sugar.

for Lent

Ingredients for The jam-the jelly of red currants

Step by step instruction of cooking The jam-the jelly of red currants

Шаг 1

berries to sort, wash and drain off the water, throwing them in a colander or vysypat on the outspread towel.

Шаг 2

berries grind in a blender or skip C/o the grinder (can be C/o the juicer, but then waste more, in this case 3 paragraph skip).

Шаг 3

berry pulp to wipe C/o a colander or sieve, you get a thickish juice with pulp but no seeds.

Шаг 4

in this juice add sugar at the rate of 1 volume of juice + 2 the amount of sugar (i.e. 0.5 l of juice is 1,0 l sugar) and a spoon, better wood, stir the mixture until the sugar is dissolved. First, the mixture becomes liquid, and as the sugar dissolves and starts to thicken how to gilyovtsa, if the mixture does not thicken (it happens in cases when the berry is very sour, not fully ripe), then add gradually the sugar and continue to knead. In case with sugar "overdo it", not scary, then it just settles on the bottom of the jar and you will be able to eat, and with time, every housewife will be able to determine the time when much sugar, i.e., this jam is a win-win.

Шаг 5

Now the crucial moment: to give everyone to try what happened until he asked again, quickly pour into sterilized jars (I pour in a jar with a volume of 0.2 - 0.3 L. I prefer that you put a jar on the table for tea and one on one tea party enough) and put into the refrigerator - this is one drawback of this jam that it must be stored in the refrigerator until cold and then can be transferred to a cellar or basement, only to freeze after defrosting liquid is separated, although the taste and does not change. When the jam cools in the fridge, it becomes gelatinous, as seen in the photo. No additional thickeners, like gelatin or quitin not required. In this jam and preserved taste and color, and most importantly a sea of any vitamins.