Wheat cottage cheese bread

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The smell of freshly baked bread, no one can remain indifferent. It's the smell of happiness, of childhood. Remember who brought home a whole loaf of bread bought in a bakery? It certainly was bit into the crust. I mostly bake bread itself, if not the oven, the stove definitely cotton. This recipe is actually for HB stove, but I often bake in a rustic style. This bread always turns out!!!

Ingredients for Wheat cottage cheese bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Wheat cottage cheese bread

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In the sifted flour, RUB the yeast, add salt, sugar, dry milk, cheese. Pour water, add the vegetable oil. Knead the dough. The dough will be sticky, flour do not add.

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The bowl to coat with vegetable oil, put the dough, tighten the top bowl with cling film and leave to ferment. I usually put in the microwave along with a glass of boiling water. The dough should rise two times.

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Punch dough down, very carefully, if you want big holes in the bread. Put the dough on the table, turning, fold the edges, pressing the dough on top. And again leave to rise.

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Then the dough put the dough on the table to form a ball, podcating. If you have rastoaca basket well, I have, I took the colander, it must be well rubbed with flour, it would seem that the case was hopeless, but to succeed. GOOD DOUGH dust with FLOUR, brush sweep away the excess, put them in a colander, seam up, it's important! Put on the delay of 40-60 minutes.

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Saw this bread for HB stove, tried it and got sick. Hoisted on him all the friends, relatives. Usually baked in the oven HB, but like a rustic variant white bread. And decided to bake in the oven, although it was very risky, my oven can bake, I want to cry, the first option was unsuccessful, the batter stuck to the pan and settled. This is my second attempt. The bread is gorgeous, he is gentle and super soft, it definitely need to bake. Very difficult to describe, a must try. A huge thank you to Angela ( lakshmi ) for the recipe.