An unusual mulled wine "Heart"

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In the cold of winter our body feels stress. And the most vulnerable at this time is the heart and blood vessels. It is necessary to maintain the body, so I suggest you drink in the style of mulled wine from products that you don't identify with the first SIP, but which are very good for the heart and blood vessels.

Ingredients for An unusual mulled wine "Heart"

Step by step instruction of cooking An unusual mulled wine "Heart"

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So, the basis of our mulled wine is a decoction of rose hips and hawthorn.
Hawthorn has the ability to tone the heart muscle and regulate heart rate, and rosehips - the perfect way to maintain immunity.

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Rosehip and hawthorn cover with cold water, bring to boil, boil over very low heat 5-8 minutes and leave on the hot burner to cool down. You can pour the broth into a thermos or wrap the pot with a blanket.

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Cooled broth strain. It is perfectly stored in the refrigerator up to 3 days.

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Beet squeeze juice.

Beet contains a large number of substances not being destroyed under heat treatment. To drink raw beetroot juice love is not all and in this drink its taste is not noticeable, but the benefit is obvious, because it is so useful for hematopoiesis and regulation of blood pressure!

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Now, we need pomegranate juice. Is to squeeze it from the pomegranate seeds, but if this is not possible, you can use the juice of industrial production (only carefully read the composition, are a lot of fakes!)

If pomegranate juice is not to your liking, replace it with any red juice (cherry juice or red grapes).

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Spices for mulled wine you can take any - I have cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom and raisins.

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Mix broth hips and hawthorn with beetroot and pomegranate juice, add the spices for mulled wine, a few slices of lemon and sugar to taste. I took brown sugar Mistral.

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Heat the mixture to a temperature of 70-80 degrees, but do not boil! Pour in the wine.

Wine, in fact, optional. For daily beverage consumption may exclude it, but if you came in from the cold, then a hot drink of wine will help you not to get sick.

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Pour the mulled wine mugs, get under a blanket and you can turn a movie about Sherlock Holmes!