Sauce "Immunity"

499 - 5 минут 4 порции

In acute viral activity necessary to support the immune system in the "working" condition. Easy to prepare, spicy sauce quick and tasty will help to resist diseases. Ginger and garlic are known for their antiseptic, healing properties, and the yogurt helps the digestive system to assimilate the most sparing of acute ingredients. Try it, You'll love.

Ingredients for Sauce "Immunity"

Step by step instruction of cooking Sauce "Immunity"

Шаг 1

The preparation of ingredients.
Garlic and ginger peel. Of the ginger it is advisable to take shoots (urosticte), and not the gun. Since the barrel hard fibers, and they will be felt in the sauce. If there is only a trunk, his grind in a blender separately and the sauce squeeze the juice.
Walnuts (I have already cleared 6 halves) to wash, rinse in boiling water or lightly fry in a dry pan until a faint nutty aroma.
Ready ingredients grind in a blender or a fine grater.

Шаг 2

In the resulting mass add salt, paprika, mix well.

Шаг 3

Pour the yogurt (I bifilyuks) and mix well again. You can decorate with sesame seeds.