Biscuits with mascarpone "snowflake"

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This is a delicate cookie, like snowflakes, falls apart and melts in your mouth! Besides, it is with "highlight", but rather "cookie " interspersed with popular crispy Oreo.

Ingredients for Biscuits with mascarpone "snowflake"

Step by step instruction of cooking Biscuits with mascarpone "snowflake"

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By the beginning of the preparation of cookie dough, all products should be room t. The oven turn on the heating t 180-190 degrees. The pan dimmed with baking paper.
For the dough: beat with a mixer in a magnificent mass the softened butter and Mascarpone cheese.

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Continuing to whisk, add 1 egg, sugar and vanilla sugar. Whisk a few minutes until the sugar dissolves.

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The Oreo cookies coarsely cut with a knife.

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The oil mixture will proseem flour, add pieces of cookies and hands to make dough. Knead briefly and gently, trying to keep the pieces of Oreo. Once the flour and oil mixture together, dough is ready.

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From the dough shape the future of cookies, trying as possible to compress and knead the dough in his hands. For convenience and as measuring cups I used a spoon to ice cream-culled the dough with a spoon, lightly trim the dough by hand, shaping "washers". Destanie spread on the baking sheet at a small distance from each other. In the baking process the dough is almost not spreading.

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Bake cookies in preheated oven for 10-12 minutes. The cookies should not brown much, but the skewer stuck in the middle, the finished cookie will stay clean. For decoration on some more hot cookies I put a piece of white chocolate. The chocolate is slightly melted, forming a white cap. :)

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Remove cookies from baking sheet, allow it to fully cool down and invite everyone to a tea party!