Ciabatta a potato broth

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Without kneading. On the leaven. Sooo delicious! No extra movements, practically preparing itself, under time pressure )))

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Ingredients for Ciabatta a potato broth

Step by step instruction of cooking Ciabatta a potato broth

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If you cooked potatoes (cleaned by the way), the broth does not pour, it can be a wonderful bread to bake! In the evening I pulled the starter out of the fridge, feed the fresh dough and put in a warm place (1 tablespoon of starter + 50 g water and 50 g flour). After 3 hours, the yeast was ready to work.
75 g sourdough (the rest was sent back in the fridge) carefully stirred in the broth (at room temperature) with a whisk. Then start gradually adding the sifted flour. First interfere with a whisk, and when the batter was already thick - hand. The finished dough was transferred to greased large bowl. Covered package and sent in the refrigerator overnight.

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Here is a beautiful Mature the dough was in the fridge by morning.

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Gently dumped it (the arms do not help, the dough should fall off by itself) on a liberally floured table.

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Neatly tuck the edges to the center, forming a rectangle.

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Sprinkle the top well with flour and divide into 4 pieces with a scraper.

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The dough is very delicate, so carefully transfer on the baking sheet - two for each. Nastaivaju them in the oven for 1.5 hours with a bowl of hot water.

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Before baking-heat the oven on maximum for at least 20 minutes. Throws it on a stone (if not, leave on the baking sheet), the first 7-10 minutes with steam at maximum, then another 13-15 minutes at 180-190 Topcem until tender.