Waffles with hazelnut

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Soft and delicate wafers with crispy hazelnut pieces is the perfect complement to a Cup of tea or coffee. And the toppings to these Wevelgem can apply a variety of tastes! One For You, Cooks!

Ingredients for Waffles with hazelnut

Step by step instruction of cooking Waffles with hazelnut

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For the dough: hazelnut fry on a dry pan for several minutes, until a nutty aroma. Roasted hazelnuts grind in a blender to desired consistency. I ground so that would have left the hazelnut pieces.

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In a large bowl mix the chopped hazelnuts, flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda.

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Separately whisk, mix the eggs, buttermilk, sugar, vanilla sugar, vegetable oil. Mix liquid and dry mixtures. Get lumpy batter. The dough cover and leave for 20-30 minutes.

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Again with a whisk mix up the dough, lumps are dispersed and the dough becomes homogeneous, the consistency is a little thicker pancake.

Шаг 5

Warm up the waffle iron. Bake waffles until done, focusing on the features of the waffle iron.

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The finished waffles, allow to cool a little on wire rack.

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For filing, I whipped the cream with the icing sugar, frozen berries gave a little to thaw at room t. You can serve waffles with whipped cream or with ice cream and maple syrup.