Pear cake

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Sweet party cake, dessert, family, eating with gusto.

Ingredients for Pear cake

Step by step instruction of cooking Pear cake

Шаг 1

Separate the yolks from proteins, mix with sugar (one third), mix with the softened margarine, sour cream and flour, with baking powder or hydrated soda. Knead the dough very briefly, put in the fridge. In from the cold to distribute form.

Шаг 2

Foundation bake until soft.

Шаг 3

Pears gently let it sit with sugar (one third) and butter (25-40 grams)

Шаг 4

The filling spread on the dough

Шаг 5

Beat egg whites with sugar (one third)

Шаг 6

Distribute meringue over the filling. I use the package, cutting off the area. Then turned and threw it, washing is not necessary :)

Шаг 7

Bake the piece to your favorite color. We like darker and pohrustet.