Salad "Vitamin charge"

91 - 50 минут 8 порции

Delicious, healthy, light, refreshing salad with a bit of sourness. In the winter time like never need vitamins and minerals. My salad has plenty of them, help yourself!

Ingredients for Salad "Vitamin charge"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Vitamin charge"

Шаг 1

Prepared products

Шаг 2

Cut the cabbage, rubbed cubes of carrot, radish rubbed on the Korean grater. Added salt, pepper

Шаг 3

Well mixed so that the vegetables become softer and left the bitterness of radish

Шаг 4

Apple rubbed on wedges (float Provi), watered with lemon juice

Шаг 5

Greens finely sliced, lightly roasted sesame seeds, mixed

Шаг 6

Cut into pieces garlic roasted in butter, took out the garlic and pour oil salad

Шаг 7

Added pepper, red currants, gently stirred.

Шаг 8

I decorated with greenery and red currants. The salad turned out to be so refreshing, sour, very delicious!