Greek salad with poached eggs

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Ingredients for Greek salad with poached eggs

Step by step instruction of cooking Greek salad with poached eggs

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Required products

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Cucumber peel, cut into thin circles, tomatoes - large slices; the pepper - thin strips; black olives (if large) - circles (I did not); the lettuce and break into pieces.

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All sprinkle with lemon juice, sprinkle with oil, mix gently.

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To cook poached eggs: coffee Cup covered with foil, break into it an egg and a little salt (I had a mixture of salt, dried Provencal herbs). The film is hard to tie. Drop the pouch into boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. Remove pouch , remove the film and put the egg. Or you can make a more traditional way: gently break the egg in boiling salted water.

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On a serving plate put the salad on the side to put a hot poached egg (cruciate incision), sprinkle the top with diced feta (I had a very soft cheese, I spread a teaspoon), disassembled the leaves green.