Tomato-lemon jelly with Basil

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Who said that jelly should be sweet...? And vegetable? Or what is even more amazing? I would like this recipe to Express my incredible love for my husband. Man in all my experiments with food. Smart, kind, incredibly generous. The person who gives birth to the babies with me home and eats my food... I adore you! With Valentine's day!!!

Ingredients for Tomato-lemon jelly with Basil

Step by step instruction of cooking Tomato-lemon jelly with Basil

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Take the tomatoes in their own juice and the juice from the same banks! whisk everything in a blender. Add the sugar and a pinch of salt. Soak in cold water 4 leaves of gelatine. Wait 10 minutes and add the tomato mixture. heat over low heat until dissolved.

Шаг 2

Small trays cover with cling film and pour the tomato paste in there with the dissolved gelatin.

Шаг 3

Store in the refrigerator until fully cured. Meanwhile, squeeze the juice of two lemons, add sugar, water and Basil.

Шаг 4

Whisk with a blender. Add 4 leaves ( pre) locks and gelatin. Heat to dissolve gelatin.
Strain through a sieve into a pre-covered with a film of the tray. Got this fragrant beauty! Put them in the refrigerator before freezing)

Шаг 5

While our jelly is set, pour the mint tea, as indicated on the package. I used the teas are my favorite husband.

Шаг 6

Remove the jelly from the fridge. Cut into small pieces...

Шаг 7

That such

Шаг 8

And tomato... Cook " forms for future snacks. I chose 2 transparent glass...

Шаг 9

Lay the sliced pieces of lemon-Basil and tomato jelly layers.

Шаг 10

Pour and store in the refrigerator until fully cured)))

Шаг 11

Take a little time... And patience... BUT for the beloved, that is always in abundance)?

Шаг 12

Get out of the refrigerator determined to surprise your man!

Шаг 13

Have a nice holiday and fun nights)))