Healthy Breakfast for schoolchildren

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The recipe is very simple but very useful for students. In your recipe I want to show you how I sent my daughter to school.

Ingredients for Healthy Breakfast for schoolchildren

Step by step instruction of cooking Healthy Breakfast for schoolchildren

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I have a glass lid 450 ml. You can put in any capacity, any vitamin-rich Breakfast cereals, yogurt with various toppings, any fruit and nuts.

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On the bottom of the glass poured two handfuls of cereal.
Then poured the cereal, a half of yogurt.
Poured 1st. liter of honey.
Then refilled the cereal.
Flakes remaining yogurt and a second spoon of honey.
Apple washed, cut into small pieces.
Put the apples on top of yogurt and sprinkled with chopped nuts.

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Put the lid on the Cup and placed the child with them to school. And she sat behind a computer got. to download the recipe, knowing that the child in school, fed and eats only healthy food)))