Butter "Grandma" with chocolate and marzipan

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I LOVE chocolate, especially bitter, with a dizzying cocoa aroma. Today I have a sweet yeast cake, with a layered filling of chocolate protein cream, marzipan and spicy cinnamon. A soft and airy crumb with a thin crispy crust covered with a thick layer of dark chocolate. This dessert is the perfect complement to aromatic Cup of coffee.

Ingredients for Butter "Grandma" with chocolate and marzipan

Step by step instruction of cooking Butter "Grandma" with chocolate and marzipan

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Products for the dough

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Heat the milk, melt in it the butter, add the sugar and salt (a pinch). A mixture (cooled to 35 degrees) pour into the bread machine bucket, add the mixed egg and egg yolk on top and put flour and yeast. Enable "home-made dough".

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Products for the filling

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Chocolate (100 g), milk (30 ml)butter and melt in the microwave (40% to 1.5 minutes). The egg will divide the white and the yolk.
Protein shake with sugar in a soft fluffy mass. Grate marzipan on a coarse grater. The ready dough put on a work surface sprinkled with flour, roll out the layer (30*40 cm)thick 1 - 1.5 cm.

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The first layer to apply a layer of melted chocolate, back away from the edges of the dough 3 cm around the perimeter.

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The chocolate layer spread the cream protein.

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Top - grated marzipan.

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Then sprinkle with cinnamon.

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Roll the dough jelly roll, place in a rectangular shape (30*10*10=1.5 litres), lined with non-stick Mat, seam side down.
(There are several options for forming "grandmother": filled roll to twist a couple of times, then place in a rectangular shape or a round shape with a hole in the center. I also wanted to "save" "spiral"of dough inside the pie).
Stir egg yolk with milk (70 ml.). The spring rolls make a puncture of a wooden skewer, brush with yolk-milk mixture.
Let the rolls rise for 20-30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 180-degrees, bake for 45-50 minutes.

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Ready "grandmother" cool. Bitter chocolate (100 g) and the remaining milk (50 ml.) melt in the microwave (40%=1.5 minutes),
with the help of culinary silicone blades apply on top of the "grandmother" thick chocolate layer, let the chocolate harden.

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Slice the butter "Grandmother" into pieces, prepare a delicious coffee!

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Enjoy your coffee!