Fruit salad with pancakes

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Nutritious and vitamin-rich dessert with a fruit sauce that permeates their flavors and juiciness of pancakes and sliced fruit. This is a perfect, vitamin-rich Breakfast, dinner or afternoon tea, which will bring you enormous pleasure and satiety!

Ingredients for Fruit salad with pancakes

Step by step instruction of cooking Fruit salad with pancakes

Шаг 1

Bake pancakes in vegetable oil "they"

Шаг 2

Slice and then into rectangles.

Шаг 3

I cut it into rectangles and turned the loaf. Filled almost half the glass.

Шаг 4

For decorating a strip of pancake turn over. Put in the microwave for 40 seconds.

Шаг 5

You get these decorations of pancake.

Шаг 6

Tangerines and a banana slice.

Шаг 7

Fill a glass with pancakes.

Шаг 8

Meanwhile, make the sauce. Mix the juice of Apple and orange and banana along with brought to a uniform consistency.

Шаг 9

Add the cream.

Шаг 10

Pour the sauce into a glass with pancakes and fruit.

Шаг 11

Decorate with spirals.