Bright fruit sauce

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I suggest you make an incredibly delicious, sweet sauce of Mandarin and apples, with a touch of cinnamon to pancake pancakes or fritters! Gentle, citrus flavor, bright color of this dip will present a spring mood! The ingredients are simple - easy to cook, but the taste...!

Ingredients for Bright fruit sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Bright fruit sauce

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Recipe pancakes - http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/121 878/

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The quantity of fruit you take in its sole discretion, to prevail should the tangerines and the rest of the ingredients to the sauce raschitany to 1 Cup of juice!

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Squeeze the juice from the fruit;

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Add fructose, flour, cinnamon, lime juice - stir well with a mixer;

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Put on low fire, while stirring bring to a boil and boil until your desired consistency;
Pour into a bowl to cool;

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To serve crepes or pancakes!