Pancakes with sauce "No pain."

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Our family pumpkin love just me, so I have to invent recipes main dish that will have all members of the family and the additive in the form of a pumpkin for me. The sauce is done, of course, elementary, the longest to clean and prepare the pumpkin. Pumpkin sauce with citrus notes add to the taste of regular pancakes, and honey and ginger raises immunity and mood in spring days. For the pancake recipe thank Lyuda beautiful woman

Ingredients for Pancakes with sauce "No pain."

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes with sauce "No pain."

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The products that we need

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Bake pancakes in vegetable oil in a hot pan

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Grind the pumpkin into a puree, add the orange juice and zest (optional)

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Add all the spices and evaporated on low heat to desired consistency (I like it thicker)

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We spread our pancakes and eat! The sauce I then added to millet porridge - the same good!