Snack of Turkey breast "Gentle"

81 - 90 минут -

There are 3-4 hours before the guests arrive and want to give them a chic charcuterie? Then my prescription for you! Flavorful, tender and juicy snack of Turkey breast - for those who like tasty, but watch their weight and adhere to proper nutrition! Easy to cook, and observing the temperature for the oven, it turns out perfect, not dried meat of poultry for meats with the flavor of peppers and fennel!

Ingredients for Snack of Turkey breast "Gentle"

Step by step instruction of cooking Snack of Turkey breast "Gentle"

Шаг 1

Breast rinse, Pat dry;

Шаг 2

The peppers and fennel crushed in a mortar;

Шаг 3

Lay the breast on a silicone Mat on the grill (or on parchment on a baking sheet) and season with salt and sprinkle with spices on both sides, the top is slightly oiled;
Leave for 30 minutes;

Шаг 4

Cook at 85 degrees for 50 minutes;

Шаг 5

Remove, wrap in parchment (foil) put into the refrigerator for 1.5-2 hours;
To get, to cut and to enjoy the taste and aroma!