Melt pancakes with pecan condensed milk

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Someone loves pancakes with butter, someone with sour cream, and we with condensed milk. Sometimes we do this for a change. Help yourself.

Ingredients for Melt pancakes with pecan condensed milk

Step by step instruction of cooking Melt pancakes with pecan condensed milk

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First, we fill nuts boiling water so they were completely covered and leave for at least two hours. Do the same with dried apricots and dates. Drain the water and pour.

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Now for the pancakes. RUB the eggs with sugar, add the salt, both oils and milk. Mix well, mixing add flour. The dough turns liquid, so it should be.

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Quickly bake thin pancakes. Besides that they are very thin so they are still very beautiful due to the fact that when baking the first side, from above obtained on the test pattern of grooves. When you turn they baked and the result is beauty.

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Ready pancakes.

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All the ingredients for the condensed milk to load it into blender and punching until smooth. If you also need something to pour the water slowly to desired consistency. Cool in the refrigerator for twenty mins and serve with pancakes.