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Three smoothies for Breakfast

Three smoothies for Breakfast

For the lovely ladies, lovely ladies smoothies I drink in the evenings Without the smoothie I like and without dam As a day to live, I do not know myself. For the lovely ladies to you lovely ladies I'll make myself a smoothie And I take the Mistral for the lovely ladies!

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Step 1

Method of preparing a smoothie is the same for all three types. Mix the ingredients with a blender, pour into a jar, cover and refrigerate at least 3 hours, preferably overnight. In the morning again mix everything and you can enjoy fresh, healthy smoothie! One of the ingredients in each smoothies - oat cereals of TM "Mistral". The number of ingredients for each smoothie makes 1 serving.

Step 2

I like all the smoothies on the planet
Whether vanilla, strawberry, anyway
But first I will cook with cocoa
Well with oatmeal, as without it.

For smoothies I, for smoothies I
Take mix for you
Oatmeal, Chia seeds,
Coconut, cocoa, milk,
And I and I
Add almond extract
Maple syrup or honey
I would add.

Step 3

But like no I love this smoothie
After all, there are strawberries, I love her
I like it in color
It tastes so that he is Balde!

For smoothies I, for smoothies I
Take mix for you
Oatmeal, almond oil,
Syrup, a little milk,
And I and I
Add the salt to the edge of the knife
Syrup, strawberries and vanilla
I would add.