Sushi-pizza "Sea"

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I love sushi and everything connected with them. Here I decide to try to cook sushi pizza. The husband argues that it is better than custom!!! Narration from a third-party observer - the eternal meeseeks-mesici dogs

Ingredients for Sushi-pizza "Sea"

Step by step instruction of cooking Sushi-pizza "Sea"

Шаг 1

The rice cooks and cools. The hostess pulled out the sheets of seaweed and cut them into 6 pieces each. The baking pan greased with oil and spread the pieces of nori.

Шаг 2

Rice, slightly cooled and moistened hands, spread it on a baking sheet, primina. I begged for a spoon of rice - delicious!. The owner realized that something was afoot and came into the kitchen, ostensibly to drink tea...

Шаг 3

Fish, chicken (we have sticks of surimi, me yesterday to eat was not given) and squid hostess cut in small pieces, shrimp, cleaned, cut it lengthwise and fried in a skillet. The owner stachel one half...

Шаг 4

Spread! I turn around, something will fall)) first the squid, then the fish and cutlet. Top liberally lubricated with sauce Tartar and decorate with the sliced sweet peppers. I was given a piece of pepper!

Шаг 5

The final touches! Sprinkle grated on a fine grater cheese and put the shrimp. It turned out that one is not enough... the owner is looking for the guilty, but nobody admits!

Шаг 6

Put in a well preheated oven for 15minutes. Smell great... we hosianum already sitting waiting in the kitchen... left to cut into portions. By the way, cold pizza is also delicious!
Bon appetit!