Coliva lean

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Coliva, from the word Kolo - grain. Boiled in honey and grain with candied fruit, dried fruit and nuts. Has a deep meaning: grain - a gospel way of falling into the ground and died of grain, which gave a secondary crop. Sweetness to cooked grain sweetness sprouted new life. Coliva is prepared on the first Friday of lent. On this day after the Liturgy it is customary to read the akathist to the Martyr Theodore of tyre, during which coliva and sanctify! This tradition put the event in the fourth century, when Julian the Apostate, to make fun of Christians, ordered to be sprinkled in the markets all the food the blood of the sacrificial animals, that the Christians, without knowing it, economies. But the Lord did not give place to such treachery. Archbishop of Constantinople, appeared in a dream to the Martyr Theodore Tiron and warned him about the idea of the king. The Archbishop warned his congregation and told them to prepare a kolivo and not to go on the market.

for Lent

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Шаг 1

- Get honey from the shelf, please!
Here, Maya the bee, my ass.
- I only two teaspoons, the rest move back.
- Cinnamon remember?
- Oh, uh, right, I almost forgot! Thank you, dear!

Шаг 2

- Oh, God! Put the tagine in the oven and mark the time.
- How many minutes?
- 20 minutes, not more.