Two options for conservation of chickpea

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To her husband to please him more time to spend, Time to release, and of course surprise. Came up with this recipe, Fuss, that became less at lunch and for dessert...)))

Ingredients for Two options for conservation of chickpea

Step by step instruction of cooking Two options for conservation of chickpea

Шаг 1

Mistral understand me from half a word,
Measured chickpeas one Cup,
Demanding nothing else
All the time simply soak.

Шаг 2

Despite everything happening,
Husband suddenly laughed excitedly:
"there was only a glass, and became much,
like a sponge, water absorb"!

I had no
as only the most it out
"Think, laughed
the kitchen should be.")))

Шаг 3

Mistral without hesitation and doubt
Jumped in a jar and a donkey.
And he garlic cleaned,
Softly washed, about happiness sang.

Шаг 4

Garlic in a jar I put
Laurel leaf top covered,
Water, salt, sugar have dissolved
Pepper at the end added
Poured in a jar of marinade
Here is a miracle of flavor.

On the cover of the vinegar you poured,
On the Bank top down,
Cover machine whirled.

Шаг 5

Another jar spotted:
"Another recipe!?"-you suddenly noticed.
Water in the pan you poured
And sugar safely put it.

Its something I made
Cinnamon I gave,
A pinch in water lowered
And all I re-boil,
Syrup sweet all filled
And the cover was badly twisted.

Шаг 6

And he laughed again
I quietly hugged
The cheek kissed me
And laughed... and laughed.

Then he told everyone around
That day he spent with me,
The kitchen has all helped me
And only occasionally laughed!)))