Peppers stuffed with millet "Golden fall"

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Beautiful autumn weekends in the morning she looked out of the window. -Look, isn't autumn beautiful. -How are you, my charm... You are the real cat is what you want, spill the beans - maybe Turkey-baste peppers? Only with your help, and let's start with your trip to the store - Where is the list, I run already the List was compiled very quickly, pious "flew"

Ingredients for Peppers stuffed with millet "Golden fall"

Step by step instruction of cooking Peppers stuffed with millet "Golden fall"

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She, meanwhile, cooked millet his Majesty Mistral

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And a Turkey with pumpkin punched in blender ( but you can use a meat grinder)

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They peppers in pan refractory lined and filled water in which the tomato paste has dissolved. With the lid closed and sent in a preheated 190C oven for 1.5 hours
May view while "Autumn marathon"?
- With great pleasure, my dear

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-Thank you, sweetie, for a wonderful autumn lunch
Thank you, dear, and you for him
Bon appetit