Spicy salad with ham and corn

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Salads are not that many, salads are not redundant. Juicy, spicy salad always place. Especially in spring, when you want fresh greens, vegetables, ease. Lots of greenery, pogrustnevshy raw squash, young and tender, sweet pepper and tomatoes, they protect you from the spring colds onion armor. Dressing based on soy sauce "Kikkoman" lettuce makes enough light to Supplement the lean ham was delicious and a welcome addition.

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Ingredients for Spicy salad with ham and corn

Step by step instruction of cooking Spicy salad with ham and corn

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Vegetables washed and dried well, especially the greens.

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Finely chop the onions along the bulbs to break up medium-sized pieces of lettuce and a head of Chinese cabbage. Sweet pepper cut into corners, labostrie – thin rings, zucchini –thin quartered. Mix all gently in a bowl and sprinkle with lemon juice, sprinkle with powdered sugar and add a spoonful of soy sauce "Kikkoman". Stir again and allow to promarinovatsya half an hour.

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Cut thin slices of corn on the cob, small squares of cut ham. The cherry tomatoes cut in half, parsley and green onions to chop coarsely.

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Mix a spoonful of soy sauce with a spoonful of Sukiyaki sauce, add a drop of hot pepper sauce "Sriracha". All sauces from the company "Kikkoman". Add a little sweet mustard and whisk the dressing, adding a little olive oil.

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Put in the ham salad and vegetables, pour dressing, mix well, sprinkle with herbs and serve.