Appetizer "Solar Coca"

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I want to offer you a very interesting African (Cameroonian version) dish. "Coke" (accent on the last syllable) is something like a snack cake, without them can not do any holiday table. A bit laborious preparation of beans, but then everything is very simple. Mother-in-law, a great cook, taught me the secrets of cooking this dish. Taste something incredible, I didn't tried it outside Cameroon.

Ingredients for Appetizer "Solar Coca"

Step by step instruction of cooking Appetizer "Solar Coca"

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For "Coca" is used only beans of a particular variety - a little white with "black eye". In Cameroon, for this recipe sell crushed beans, but it does not play a big role. Soak the beans in plenty of water for half an hour.

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Grind the beans between your hands in the water. With the beans will go transparent skin and "black eye", from which you want to get rid of, drain the water. Again, pour clean water, RUB between palms to drain the water. Repeat the operation 5 times until the water stays clean. You will not be able to completely get rid of the skins and "black holes", so carefully go over the beans with your hands, folding to another a wide pot, so easier to keep track of "purity" of beans.

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Prepared beans skip several times through a meat grinder (if you like spicy, the chili pepper, I add) or grind using a blender or coffee grinder adding a little water. The pasta should be perfectly homogeneous. This time I decided to add soy sauce which only added to the taste of "coke". Mix well.

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Heat water almost to a boil, cover with a lid. Red palm oil as well to heat, but not to heat. I will not go into the debate about the benefits and harms of palm oil, which has its pros and cons, like many other products, it is important to choose quality. My butter I brings mother-in-law from the village, homemade. At the same time put a wide pot of water on the fire.
In the bean paste to add hot oil portions, each time carefully vymeshivaem wooden shovel.

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Then pour gradually the hot water, stirring constantly. The dough is ready, it is warm and should be quite liquid and smooth, like pancakes, a little thicker. Therefore, the water added gradually, adjusting the dough consistency. Now add the salt. The dough should be almost dosolenny taste, as the cooking process, the taste of salt will increase.

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And then no assistance is necessary, as the dough should be poured into a plastic bag. Here I help my daughter. Pour into any suitable vessel, I use a mug.

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Tie the bag, put into another bag and tie again. Cook often "Coca" in banana leaves (see photo), but I to such perfection has not grown.

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Ready "Coca" get out of the pan, allow to cool. You can store in the fridge during the week, warming up before serving or in the freezer indefinitely. The recipe was long on description, but there is nothing complicated, I just tried to explain it in detail.