Mushroom soup

104 - 65 минут 8 порции

A simple and hearty soup perfect for the time of strict fasting. On its basis it is possible to make many other simple variations by adding different ingredients.

for Lent

Ingredients for Mushroom soup

Step by step instruction of cooking Mushroom soup

Шаг 1

Mushrooms and barley washed and soaked overnight. Then the mushrooms, re-rinse and boil 20-25 minutes. Then get them out of the broth and the broth filtered through cheesecloth. In this boil the barley.

Шаг 2

While the barley cooks, prepare the vegetables. Potatoes, carrots and onions clean and cut into small pieces.

Шаг 3

Mushrooms also finely chop and fry with onions and carrots. Approximately 25 minutes after the start of cooking the barley, add the potatoes. Even after 3-4 minutes add roasted mushrooms. Cook for another 7-8 minutes. Add the spices and seasonings. I have is a 3 Bay leaf, 5 peas of black pepper, dried garlic (a few fresh cloves put), dried dill and parsley, a mix of root vegetables for the soup (parsnip, celery root, leeks). Cook for another 5-6 minutes. Salt, I always add at the end or in the plate - so less salt is required to achieve the desired taste.

Шаг 4

As a Supplement, fasting for husband I have here are sausages smoked bacon. You can take sausages or smoked sausage, sausage. Finely chop and add directly to the soup.

Шаг 5

The soup is ready! Allow to infuse for 20 minutes and poured into plates. I run it lean with mayonnaise and lots of fresh greens - parsley. Black bread is very tasty!

Шаг 6

For my husband the soup add the sausages in the dish. Even sprinkle finely chopped clove of garlic (if sausage is not very spicy). Very tasty, has a bit of sugar pickles.

Шаг 7

Here is a close-up of sausages on the plate.