Pork with vegetables

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One of the favorite options for a family dinner. Quick, not complicated, fragrant and delicious. Not opening, but some details make this dish really enjoyable.

Ingredients for Pork with vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Pork with vegetables

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We will cook in the slow cooker but on the stove in a thick-walled pot. works great. Pork rinse in ice water before frying, it is good to wet a napkin and cut into large cubes. Oil warmed in a bowl of multi mode and put the roasting pork. Sprinkle with sugar and cook without closing the lid, to podrumyanivaya pieces on all sides.

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Cut the vegetables into so they came to readiness about the same. Such stews often do, severely crushing products. But then size matters. The onions thin half-rings, but the carrot slices thinner. Pepper, eggplant, large triangles. Tomatoes cut into cubes.

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Put the meat onions and carrots and slightly warm under the cover, not really Sarmanova. The lack of toasted crust also contributes to the formation of delicate taste. Add eggplant and continue to cook in the mode of roasting a couple of minutes.

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Spread the beans – if it is frozen, it is better to thaw almost completely and put in a bowl together with the liquid. Add the pepper and tomatoes. Warm up for three minutes and pour soy sauce, sprinkle pepper, mix gently and continue to cook 5 minutes.

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Diluted in a couple tablespoons of boiling water starch and tighten the sauce. Mix to give again to boil, close the lid and leave on the heat preservation mode for 15 minutes.

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The result is tender juicy meat goes well with not peretochennym vegetables, preserved shape and taste. Aroma of pepper and soy sauce is enough to highlight the rich taste of the dishes. Nothing extra, just the perfect rice side dish!