Salmon for the lazy

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... or hi from Spain. The recipe for this simple, but very tasty and healthy dishes I picked up from a friend of a Spaniard, who, as a young man, energetic and "not zamorachivayas," including the cooking, was very surprised that such a banal recipe of salmon have led me into raptures. Do, do, in fact, nothing, cooking time 10 minutes, you don't even need an oven! Interested? You are welcome. This is my first recipe on the Cook, please do not judge strictly, but to me it often helps when, well, do not want to stand at the stove, but I want tasty and delicious to eat!

Ingredients for Salmon for the lazy

Step by step instruction of cooking Salmon for the lazy

Шаг 1

Prepare your ingredients. Fish wash and dry with paper towels.
The salmon is better to take not very thick, otherwise it will increase the cooking time.

Шаг 2

Put a piece of fish on foil.

Шаг 3

Lightly sprinkle with lemon, sprinkle with your favourite spices and place a sprig of dill (I put both sides). DO NOT ADD SALT!

Шаг 4

Tightly wrap the fish in foil and send it on a hot pan (without any added oil! the pan should be dry).

Шаг 5

On medium heat "fry" (if I may say so, in this case) the fish, turning occasionally, for 10 minutes. It will shkvorchat, and after 5 minutes you will smell the spices.

Шаг 6

Put the fish on a plate, unfold the foil and get a wonderful, healthy, flavorful dish cooked in its own juice without a drop of oil!

Шаг 7

At this stage the fish, lightly salt, I threw a few flakes of coarse sea salt.
Serve the fish with any side dish. In this case, I just roasted green asparagus and a small green pepper (typical Spanish snack), roasted vegetables took literally 7 minutes.

Шаг 8

Another version of the feeding of the fish (for those who are not too concerned about the calories and enjoy more rich taste) - I make a light sauce, like a Bechamel (cream, pinch of flour, a few spices, garlic and a handful of shelled shrimp), all that is languishing 5-7 minutes on low heat and laid on top of the finished fish - also very tasty!