Coho salmon with vegetables "Bright and juicy"

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The fish turns out juicy and delicious, despite the fact that the fish is dry and not greasy. Of course this is not chum salmon and Steelhead, but in the end the taste is delightful and bright. A budget option. Help yourself!

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Ingredients for Coho salmon with vegetables "Bright and juicy"

Step by step instruction of cooking Coho salmon with vegetables "Bright and juicy"

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Salt the steaks and roll them in starch. Fry out a large amount of oil on fairly high heat from both sides, until Golden brown. Remove the steaks to a plate.

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Onion cut into half rings, pepper strips. Carrots grate on a grater for Korean carrot. To the pan add more butter, the fire abated and cook the vegetables a short time "Alden". Add salt if necessary, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce and garlic passed through the press. Stir and saute a couple of minutes.

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In a baking dish put the vegetables on top of fish. Preheat the oven to 180 grams, and send the fish in the oven for no more than 10 minutes. Form close foil is not necessary.