Vegetable soup with nettles

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There were first plants and so just want to use it in a dish. So to say the old fashioned way, but with the Chinese burn.

Ingredients for Vegetable soup with nettles

Step by step instruction of cooking Vegetable soup with nettles

Шаг 1

From boil s (half from whole potatoes), peeled potatoes.

Шаг 2

The rest of the potatoes cut into sticks.

Шаг 3

Onion cut into cubes, carrots-strips. Of onions and carrots cook zazharku in butter "generous gift".

Шаг 4

When the potato is cooked, it is necessary to crush. Then, in mashed potatoes add a little of the water in which it cooked. Spread mashed potatoes and cut the potatoes in vegetable broth and put the cooked.

Шаг 5

At this time, finely chop the nettles (you can pre-rinse with boiling water) and parsley.

Шаг 6

Once the potato is ready, add to the pan zazharku, chopped greens, and nettles including salt. Give 2 minutes to simmer and disable. Our soup let it brew under the lid and poured into plates.
Bon appetit.