Lean Royal Breakfast

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Royal calls this the Breakfast my daughter, and it will not argue). It is very really delicious! And also a very quick and easy. And most importantly, you can prepare everything in the evening and in the morning not to Wake up half an hour earlier to prepare Breakfast for the family.

Ingredients for Lean Royal Breakfast

Step by step instruction of cooking Lean Royal Breakfast

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The first thing to cook porridge on the water. Water bring to a boil, add sugar and vanilla (to taste). 6 tbsp. semolina mix with a half Cup of cold water and pour slowly the cold semolina into the boiling water, stirring continuously, then lumps will not be exact. Cook after boiling for a few minutes. Porridge should be thick, so adjust the number of decoys in the course, you may have to add a spoonful or two of cereal.

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Boiled pudding. Boil water, add sugar, berries (I had raspberries), the more berries, the richer the taste of the finished dish. Boil for a minute and add the diluted in 100 ml cold water starch (starch can vary depending on its quality and Your preferences, for example, I like a fairly thick pudding). Bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat.