Pie "quilt"

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Very beautiful, tender and tasty cake! The site has one has this option, but mine is a little different and I am happy to share this wonderful recipe with you, dear cooks! Thank you for the recipe Natasha Natalia ♥ϖ 9;♥)!

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Ingredients for Pie "quilt"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pie "quilt"

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Our products!
Notice the sauce is the vanilla you can replace egg liqueur or another sauce, similar in consistency.
These small bottles are usually sold near the ice cream or pastries.

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5 eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, vanilla sauce ( the liquor ) to beat.
Whisk everything together until a homogeneous creamy mass.

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A thin stream of input vegetable oil and beat at low speed of mixer, beat without fanaticism, to all the ingredients came together.

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Make filling.
Cottage cheese, powdered sugar, 2 eggs and dry powder pudding mix thoroughly. I also stirred in a mixer to a smooth homogeneous state.
The author recommended to fill this cream in pastry bag.
I have this trick did not work - the filling of liquid and poured. I put the cream in a freezer bag.

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Baking sheet 30*40 cm ( standard oven) grease or as I like to lay a paper for baking. Pour our dough, spread with. The original recipe was written to spread the dough on the baking sheet, but my dough was relatively liquid.

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Now we take our pastry bag ( package of cream).
I cut off the tip of the package and placed in another freezer bag - I was so convenient. Now draw cream mesh around the test. The distance between the lines is approximately 3 cm.
Here, drew!
And send in a pre-heated oven ( 180 degrees convection 160°). 35-40 minutes.

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I did not expect it would be this beautiful!

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Very tasty! Very!

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In the rift! Fluffy and delicate!

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Bon appetit!