Light salad with chicken and vegetables

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Ah, the soul asks of spring, harmony and food!!!))) Light salads, welcome! The recipe of one such in all respects easy salad recently have been successfully tested. Must be honest, unfortunately, does not belong to the kind of hostesses, which is always in the refrigerator ready the products needed to prepare new and interesting dishes! Always have a pre-run to the store... But this time I hit the jackpot!))) Has been sitting in the fridge for leftovers from a recent cabbage cabbage, celery languished, destined for a salad with Apple and homemade yogurt, were bored by week boiled chicken breast, awaited their fate last (!!!) the egg and the wilted two weeks ago parsley))) Such luck, well, just does not happen! And the recipe for this salad came in handy!

Ingredients for Light salad with chicken and vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Light salad with chicken and vegetables

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*the chicken and the egg must be boiled (I hasten to remind you, I have by the time everything was under control) and cut into cubes;
*cabbage, celery and any herbs (I saved the parsley!) also need to cut;
*cheese should be rubbed on a fine grater.

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Then I "shamelessly" this beauty mix and added the dressing.
For the filling I threw in a jar of yogurt, salt, pepper and dried dill! In the "original" version of the recipe has mentioned that in a gas station to add some sort of herbs, but I no mysterious herbs add not decided, guided by the phrase "less is better". Looks good for a representative healthy food) and the taste is very decent! At least I think so...)