Spinach-sorrel soup with meatballs

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Many regions have already appeared fresh spinach and sorrel - a real storehouse of vitamins. The highlight of this soup give small meatballs of minced pork.

Ingredients for Spinach-sorrel soup with meatballs

Step by step instruction of cooking Spinach-sorrel soup with meatballs

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This set of products. We have fresh herbs are still very expensive, so I decided to use canned sorrel and frozen spinach.

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Ground pork salt, pepper, seasoning herbs de Provence and add 2 tbsp of uncooked rice. From stuffing to form small meatballs.

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The water / I had a little soup at 1.5 l/ boil. In boiling water place the meatballs and simmer for 20 minutes. Potatoes cleaned, cut small cubes and add to the soup. 5 minutes prior to readiness to put 2 Bay leaves and 3 peas of fragrant pepper. Fully finished soup add the spinach and sorrel /if using fresh, then it should finely chop/. Let the soup to boil and immediately turn off, so You save the color and more vitamins.

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So, I used canned already salty sorrel, salt to the soup was added. You can serve soup with sour cream and boiled eggs to cool. Bon appetit!