Salad "dinner" with two refills

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Suggest an idea for a hearty dinner (or lunch) in the form of protein salad. Cook it for 10 minutes (small) from accessible and affordable ingredients. Agree to feed two or three people with one chicken breast you should still try)) Plus salad that one can eat immediately. The dish is perfect for dieters and those watching their waistlines. The salad contains lots of protein and fresh vegetables, so perfectly nourishes without harm and consequences. Celery is not felt, but gives freshness, juiciness and promotes weight loss! Will also offer a choice of two dressings. A delicious salad with both the first and the second refueling, so everyone can find "your" option.

Ingredients for Salad "dinner" with two refills

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "dinner" with two refills

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Salad to prepare elementary - all chop, mix, season and serve. But some preparation of the ingredients needed.
Chicken to boil. Meat can be taken from any part of the bird.
Beans can be used as boiled and canned (without sauce).
Vegetables must be washed and dried. Garlic clean.

Шаг 2

Chicken, tomatoes cut into cubes.
Salad and celery - thin strips.
Beans filtered.
I added a little bit to young green feathers of garlic.

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The first dressing is mayonnaise. Garlic press out in mayonnaise and dressed salad.
The last few months I use diet mayonnaise sauce without oil, with him it turns out is not a calorie!
Sauce: http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/126 215/

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The second dressing plant-based (unrefined) oil. You can use olive oil. Mix the butter, mustard, vinegar (replaced with lemon juice or acid), press out the garlic. Mix thoroughly and use a dressing for the salad.

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The result is a rich, fresh, tasty salads. Of this number of ingredients it turns out a full meal for 2-3 people.
To store this salad more than 2 days in the cold. Keep in mind that when storing cabbage "settles" and lettuce is getting smaller.