Beet buns "Sparrow"

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I want you to treat our favorite beet rolls. Beets in them is not felt. The rolls have a delicate, airy, and very soft. This recipe I invented specifically to coax the little sparrows to such a useful beets, which she loves ( except the soup of course). After much experimentation I have succeeded.

Ingredients for Beet buns "Sparrow"

Step by step instruction of cooking Beet buns "Sparrow"

Шаг 1

Put in the microwave on full power ( I have a 900 watt) for 10-12 minutes depending on size.
After 10 minutes, check, piercing the beets with a knife.
If the knife goes easily, then the beets are ready. If not, add 1 minute. The main thing is not overdry.
Carefully take out the beets from the package, you can get burned.
Allow to cool.

Шаг 2

Remove the peel and cut into pieces.

Шаг 3

With the help of a blender grind into a puree. See how it juicy?!
For the dough will need 0.75 Cup of beet puree.

Шаг 4

The dough I kneaded in the bread machine.
In 50 ml of warm water dissolve 1 teaspoon of dry yeast, let stand 10 minutes or until foamy cap.
Then pour the yeast water into the bucket of a bread machine, pour 140 ml of warm milk, 0.75 Cup of beet puree, 50 g of melted butter or 2 tablespoons lard, 1 egg yolk.
Pour on top of 3 cups (250 ml) sifted wheat flour, 0.25 Cup sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar.
Enable the Dough, doing the kneading and when the dough becomes homogeneous, so I pull it out.
Put it in a glass bowl abundantly greased with vegetable oil.

Шаг 5

On top of the dough to slightly grease with vegetable oil and cover tightly with cling film.
Put in a warm place to rise ( I have heated to 200 degrees oven and off).
The dough should increase by 3-4 times.

Шаг 6

That is it will get soft and porous.

Шаг 7

Then I divide the dough into equal parts.
Each part rolled into a roll.

Шаг 8

On all sides dipped in sugar.

Шаг 9

Well, after doing all that your heart desires.
For example flowers.
The workpiece is spread on a parchment paper greased with vegetable oil.

Шаг 10

Or that is twisted into the spiral.

Шаг 11

Then with scissors make cuts.
Get chrysanthemum.

Шаг 12

You can make hearts or just twist.
These muffins did my daughter Lisa.
All the rolls and leave to rise before baking for 15 minutes.

Шаг 13

Bake in preheated oven at 180 - 200 degrees ( depending on size of rolls) in 20 minutes.

Шаг 14

Are very beautiful and delicious muffins.

Шаг 15

With a delicate crumb, yet airy structure.

Шаг 16

It Liskina bun. She did it for me.

Шаг 17

And here, ruslanchik.

Шаг 18

And another..
It is beautiful and useful.
And most importantly, no one would guess that the composition of the beet as it is not felt there.