Candy with yogurt filling

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It's simple and very tasty! Chocolate sweets with yoghurt cream inside.

Ingredients for Candy with yogurt filling

Step by step instruction of cooking Candy with yogurt filling

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Definitely need to cover the yogurt, so as not zavetrilos and put into the fridge for a day.

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Twice I poured the whey on her way to cook crepes, pancakes or bread!

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After a day the yogurt was transformed into a thick product, the consistency is similar to marscapone or ricotta. Dense in texture. Yogurt in bulk ( got about 100 grams of product), add the powdered sugar and mix well.

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Next, take the beautiful tins for candies.

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Heat the chocolate in a water bath, 1 tile-100 g. pour into molds, coat the sides of the ramekins. You can go in the fridge, but it froze the chocolate.

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Next, spread the yogurt cream.

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Sinking a second chocolate bar and distribute the forms. Sent the candy in the refrigerator to solidify, then removed from the molds and serve! The children were delighted