Mint ice

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As soon as you start the roast with a mint ice becomes "the lodger, m" my freezer is mandatory. Doing it every season for many years, told all her friends, and now share with the cooks on the favorite culinary portal. I hope the idea will come in handy! The thing is that it is not only the recipe is useful Supplement for all kinds of summer drinks, but also amazing-a refreshing beauty tonic. Another bonus of the recipe – use the hard stems of mint. That is, a gentle aromatic leaves for cocktails, salads, sauces, decorations, dishes, etc., and the stems, which are often simply thrown away – for making a super cool mint ice! M-m-m!!!

Ingredients for Mint ice

Step by step instruction of cooking Mint ice

Шаг 1

The stalks of mint chopped with scissors into a glass/bowl of blender, add water and whisk for approximately 1 minute.

Шаг 2

Strain the resulting solution through a fine sieve. (Marc not to throw).

Шаг 3

Cast half. In the remaining mint mixture to add the lemon juice and honey. Again shake in the blender.

Шаг 4

Pour into different shapes of ice. Remove in the freezer until fully cured. Handy if cosmetic ice (without the honey and lemon juice) small – not just for a single wiping face, neck and décolleté, and cocktail (with lemon juice and honey) and more beautiful shape, interesting to look at glasses with drinks.