Lemon-candied orange

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This delicious dessert is a satellite of the Christmas holidays: after the New year is always plenty of peels from different citrus. Please be patient for a week and you will be rewarded with these marvelous citrus slices in sugar.

Ingredients for Lemon-candied orange

Step by step instruction of cooking Lemon-candied orange

Шаг 1

Brown is better off in strips or clean peel cut not very wide stripes (the white part to clean up is not necessary, after treatment she is not bitter).

Шаг 2

Fold the strips in a suitable volume of the container and fill with cold water (to remove bitterness). Change the water after 8 hours for 2 days (i.e. 6 times).

Шаг 3

My 300 g of peel make sugar syrup: boil 200 g of water, place 450 g of sugar, allow to boil.
Merge with crusts last of the water and throw the crust soaked in syrup. Bring to a boil (but not boil), set aside in a cool place for a day.
To do this procedure for 4 days.
Check whether the candied fruit. Take out one stick, striped, and watching the surface should be glossy, the syrup is very thick, slowly flowing down.
Give the syrup to drain completely, about 2 hours.
Spread on a baking sheet baking paper on it – candied and dried half an hour at 50 C. After pull out, dip them in the sugar thickly and again spread on the paper, this time for longer drying. It took me 3 hours, but may be more – try it yourself. The candied fruit should not be sticky but should not be as dry noodles.
Cool them and place in a well closed container at the store. Store the candied fruit for a long time. Or eat (which we successfully did))).