Sweet banana bread

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So nice when the Breakfast has fresh homemade bread! And if he is still airy and sweet, with aromas of banana and honey, with raisins and crispy crust is just wonderful! Essentially it is a roll, I just did not mess around with cutting the dough and just baked in the bread machine, do not tamper with it. Semolina – semolina from durum wheat gives the bread extra lightness and softness. The bread with this addition longer does not get stale, staying fresh.

Ingredients for Sweet banana bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Sweet banana bread

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I was cooking in the bread maker, trying not to interfere in the process without having. In a bucket, put sliced bananas – very ripe and themselves warmed up in the kneading process. Add honey and sugar, eggs, softened butter, sour cream and a tablespoon of olive oil. I always try to put pastry at a time and butter, and vegetable oil –so the dough turns out better..

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Add a little salt and a pinch of vanilla. He poured tepid water. Flour and semolina from "Mistral" I sifted twice and added to the pail in the least. Completed the laying of the yeast. Of course, that mortgage products have the instructions for your bread maker

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Turn on the Sweet bread, I have 3 hours 40 minutes from start to finish. After a signal of supplements pour washed and drained raisins, pre-obalanya in the flour for better distribution in the test. The bread rose very well, under the cover.

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Ready bread remove and allow to cool, wrapped in a towel. The cooled bread to shift into the pack and allow to ripen -the best of the night. Then the taste will be brighter.

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Slice and serve for Breakfast with jam and butter. Although without all the slice of such bread is very good!