Porridge "Solar"

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My husband and I really love pumpkin porridge with milk and millet. Offer our version of this solar clover!

Ingredients for Porridge "Solar"

Step by step instruction of cooking Porridge "Solar"

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I had two kinds of pumpkin: round (sweet, but light) and long (orange, but not very sweet), but together they gave me the color and the taste.

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Cut them into small pieces.

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Put in a pot and poured water (the pumpkin should be slightly covered with water), salt and put to boil until cooked pumpkin (20-25 minutes).

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Tolkushkoy for mashed potatoes mashed pumpkin, but it is desirable that the scratch to the finish.

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Now add the pumpkin milk and add sugar, stir, allow to simmer on low heat for five minutes.

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The finished porridge put in a bowl and add the butter that spreads on the gruel gentle cloud, making it Sunny.